#235 - Critics in a Half-Peak


August 28th, 2012, 11:16 am


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Guest comic by... Mr Chidna...? I'm okay with this.


In all seriousness, yes it's very clear how all of us think of Solara/Betty nowadays.

I can hear you all now. "How did this happen? Why aren't you two friends anymore? I want answers, damn it! Now. Well, here's the thing. Answers don't give you ever lasting satisfaction.

Sometimes, you need to brace yourself for disappointment (And trust me I get that a lot in my life). Now think about it. Imagine your favourite show. You've been through it all. The ups, the downs, the crazy coincidences. And then, BANG! They tell you what it's all about. Would you be happy? Does it make sense? How come it all ended in an asylum?
G.B.A, August 28th, 2012, 11:27 am Reply

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To sum up what my main man G.B.A. said in layman's terms, a Snoop Dogg quote comes to mind:

"Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks."

I believe that the majority of Kirby Blast's fanbase was not earned fairly.
1. This Comic doesn't have any uncanny valley moments and it's consistent and looks nice, but it doesn't mean anything if everything else is terrible right?
2. It's obvious that half of the male demographic of Kirby Blast's fanbase are trying to get into Solara's Canadian pants. And it's sad to see some comments wasting their time to hit on her and she doesn't give a toss it's kinda sad.
3. The rest of the demographic is oh look a young girl with a adorable persona of adorable character NOW I HAVE DIABETES MUST FAVE.

I'm sorry but I think half of the female users here are blissfully unaware that their fanbases are trying to date them.

And for those female users that are aware and don't tolerate it, I commend you for dealing with this awful antics on the internet.

I know my comment seem sexist but I originally criticized Solara's comic in order to save her character from the scrap heap, now it's obvious she just doesn't care at this point.

I can see my head on that little bear.

I just remember a comment I got a time back before it was all deleted but the questions might be worth your time.


Q: That comic isn't yours, why do you care if it's terrible?
A: Because at the time I was decent friends with this author, and I was slowly realizing that Kirby Blast was really more focused on her character than Kirby.

Q: It's obvious she doesn't want to hear it why bother at all at this point?
A: Because it will help someone else that doesn't want to make these mistakes, hell this will surely show some uprising female comic makers to call out their potential rapists.

Q: But how do I know you're not being a bully?
A: I do like being friendly and complimentary more than this to be honest, if you actually care to I'm always up for conversations.

Q: God you're so stupid why don't you go die in a fire?
A: I'm already on fire.

1: That's a seal, ya shmuck.
2: Why?

I'll answer Rover's questions too.

Q: That comic isn't yours, why do you care if it's terrible?
A: The same reason people rant about Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj or Lil Wayne or Drake. Dull, ego-stroking shite should not be more popular than talented, well-written authors' comics.

Q: It's obvious she doesn't want to hear it why bother at all at this point?
A: This is the first time I've said anything. And even if her loyal "fanbase" won't, I want to.

Q: But how do I know you're not being a bully?
A: Again, first time. And just because I said something negative, doesn't make me a troll, or a bully, or whatever.

Q: God you're so stupid why don't you go die in a fire?
A: because some people really have been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?


@Chidna got logged out.:
1: Sorry, I didn't have time for an exam!
2: I've gotten allot, and I mean ALLOT of criticism over the years.

@AlecTH: ...doesn't look like you paid much attention to it. -BUDUMPISH-

But Kirby Blast is very similar to The New Amy Rose in terms of story and delivery. It doesn't just focus on the author's character, but also the other characters, including the villains. There's a plot-line going on with Daroach trying to find his son.
You say lame, I say intrigue.
Also, there are supposed to be about 20 chapters in this thing. You're basically judging the story before it's even started.

However, you were right about my ego comic. It sucked balls. Why? Because pony. Comics with at least one pony in it automatically makes it a failure.
Unless if it's by G.B.A. Then it's sanctified by the holy virgin mary.

Actually, I kid. It sucked because G.B.A. wasn't in it.
G.B.A. is like bacon. He makes anything taste better.

@Kirbysmith [DJ]: So what you're saying is that you're completely fine with Mary Sues.

That's cool man.

But all of those characters take second fiddle to Betty, the wondergirl. It's boring and shite, if you can't recognise that, you have a problem.

Also, yes: Bronies are a bluddy scum on the face of the internet because they always shove their face into everything. But I digress.

“Mary Sue.” That term has been over-/misused more than the word “Terrorists.”

Also, she took a Mary Sue test. And she passed.

If the test was faulty, do you have any advice on how to make her better?

EDIT: OMZ, your right! We should focus more on the established characters that everyone knows about than the new mysterious character!

@Kirbysmith [DJ]:

Really? Because I took the test for her too, and this is what she got:

She's obviously a Mary Sue. Hell, even Chidna's a slight Gary Stu.
I would give her advice, but let's face it, when she's deleting comments like Kim Jong-Il, I'd be wasting my breath.

@Kirbysmith [DJ]: Well yes actually, in fact I've might have suggested it to her before it was deleted but I'll give you a few decent ideas.

For Betty
1. She needs to care about home (Because you know she was removed from her real home but she doesn't even care or plan to return home)
2. Some Characters don't treat Betty as a newcomer but as some Messiah which is really disorienting.

As for the Mary Sue tests (from all I've seen) You can't pass a Mary Sue test basically it's like this.

0 = Your character is flawed and borying
80+ = Your character is an uber sue.

You have to be a low scoring number not a high one.

If that makes sense.

Edit in reply to KirbySmithy
Except you know she gave the Established Characters their own Unique Personalities

@Kirbysmith [DJ]:

Okay Kirbysmith, you want to dig up stuff from past events? So be it.

Here's the thing, Rover and I tried to help but Solara ignored us.

So, what did we say to her?

1. Betty gets a lot of love and respect from all the official characters from the cast while Kirby gets treated like a criminal.
2. Betty has some sort of super duper power and everyone is amazed by it.
3. The plot is about a girl who gets stuck in a video game dimension, sorry but it's old, now before you jump on me and say "But MegaMan Tales-!" Here's the difference, in that comic the main character was treated like crap by the main cast and two he wants to get HOME. Solara's character never makes any statements that she wants to go HOME, nobody ever brings that up or in general cares.
4. The comic is pure eye candy and I'm sorry but that's the only thing sells these days for sprite comics.

But seeing you want me to make some notes about you, why the hell not? Ego Blast was just a joke by Chidna and you made it real; shame on you. About the whole pony thing, seriously I love how forced in that was, it's like me saying "GUYS WE'RE ALL GETTING LAID!"

And lastly, I'm not bacon. I'm not food. I'm not a saint. I just make comics for laughs.


@King_Rover: *50+ according to the universal test I used.

@Kirbysmith [DJ]:

"EDIT: OMZ, your right! We should focus more on the established characters that everyone knows about than the new mysterious character!
GENIOUS!!!!1!!ONE! "

Yep, that's about right.

@Mr. 'Chidna: Especially since it's called Kirby Blast.

Why Not Focus on Kirby Characters?

I must agree, Betty IS sort of a wonder girl. She barely got a scratch on her during her battle in the castle, a somewhat strange feat for someone with out any established fighting experience. (However, this could be connected to the “voice.”)
Whereas Kirby, the original hometown wonderboy/Gary Stu, got visible scars and a royal butt-whooping. Although it's a bit odd, it's due to his cocky ego and him slacking off for a while.

On the other hand, if Betty's a Mary Stu, then Kirby's the grand Poo-Bah of Gary Stus. In fact, that butt-whooping actually knocked him down a level. It also adds character development to Kirby. It's the first time that he gets beat at his own game BY A NEWBIE! How does he take it? Not too well.

The only big gripe I have about this is not seeing Kirby's side to this.

He was the hero of Pop-Star, he fought demons, bested even the greatest legendary warriors of his planet and others. Then one day, he slips up, and he has to get saved by this new girl. A NEW GIRL! What is her secret? And where did she come from? Kirby's never seen her before. What if she'll take Kirby's title as Pop-Star's new hero? Kirby can't have that! He wouldn't hear of it! She may be good, but she's new at this game. He's not going to spit her ex-stars at her forever and become her side-kick! One day, ONE DAY... she's going to slip up, and Kirby will be the one kicking ass again!

At least, that's my take on it.

@Kirbysmith [DJ]

Kirby is a video game character, controlled by the player. Do you really want to play a game where the main character is terrible everything he does?

These are called Escapist Characters. And we can accept that however a FAN-character that steals the thunder makes you think...

@Kirbysmith [DJ]: It's funny isn't it?

Kirby Blast's Kirby is a cocky fellow.

Doesn't show that any of that in his games.

In fact I don't think he much of a personality, heck don't even recall him talking.

But hey this is a webcomic based around it so it doesn't have to be perfect.

Oh boy Betty is perfect in that webcomic and Kirby has flaws.

Like Kirby is some kind of butt monkey Jerkass Stu.

But don't worry you're not reading Kirby Blast to see how Kirby overcomes his flaws.

We're just here for the fan service.

@Kirbysmith [DJ]:

1: We're not talking about Kirby. We're talking about Queen Sue of Maryland.

2: I have to question why you're so damn enthralled with Kirby Blast to the point where you take it as a personal insult that we dislike it. Maybe you have some kind of attachment to the author? Care to elaborate?

3: And finally to expand on G.B.A's point, it's game design. A sub-par character is not fun to play as. Have you ever heard of a SNES game called "Lester the Unlikely"? There's a reason you haven't. It's not fun to play as a wimp.

Think of how awesome it feels to take down Dyna Blade, or to kick an enemy's face in with Suplex.

Would the game be fun without those moments?
Word up.

“Kirby is not cocky in the games.”
Allow me to introduce you to Kirby Avalanche. In this game, not only does Kirby and co. have dialogue, but Kirby's a pinch feistier and cockier than how he's usually portrayed. Not a super jerk, but a jerk nonetheless.

Also, Betty has never won a battle so far. She still has to rely on ex-stars (and by extension, the slightly-flawed Kirby), without which, she can easily get her ass handed to her. Mary Stu? Maybe, but she still has weaknesses.

@Kirbysmith [DJ]:

For the love of God, KS, PLEASE stop trying to divert the topic to Kirby.

@Kirbysmith [DJ]: The "license-based" Cash in clone of Puyo Puyo?

Good thing this isn't canon.

I wouldn't say not canon, but it's a spinoff

@Mr. 'Chidna: You COULD say Kirby Blast is a spin-off.

@Kirbysmith [DJ]

You're trying to hard here.

@G.B.A: Ya, you guys are probably right. It's got a huge amount of flaws and there's PLENTY of room for improvement. (Heck, I just rewrote the entire first two chapters in my head when trying to figure out how to make it better!)

I was going to come up with an argument like “Betty never beat up Dreamland's monarch on numerous occasions or swallowed/beat up any Dreamlander in her path, so naturally she wouldn't be treated like a criminal,” but there would still have been the issue about Betty stealing the spotlight and thunder. (Also, as much as I'd like to deny it, she gets more spotlight than the rest of the cast, even when compared to other Kirby comics such as “Kirby Komic”, “Kirby Adventure”, etc.)

But with all of it's faults, Kirby BLAST is what inspired me to get started in webcomics. It's also one of the few original sprite comics that Solara still works on. I also can't deny that there's some sort of charm to it. It's sorta like someone finding a movie oddly amusing even though almost every YouTube reviewer hates it.

@Kirbysmith [DJ]

Original Sprite comic...? I'm sorry but the most original thing Solara made was called Seven Elements but she canned it and decided to focus more on that comic.

I'm sorry if you do not want to accept our opinions but please calm the heck down, go back to whatever hole you came from and leave me alone.

Solara and I are no longer friends and this conversation isn't really helping anyone.


No, actually, I DO accept your opinions now, but that doesn't make me want to stop reading the comic. (I'm a sucker for seeing how things end.)

However, this discussion DID give me excellent pointers on making my own comics. (I'm also sorry for calling you names, Geeby.)

So thank you G.B.A. and co. for opening my eyes. Solara may remain obstinate about Kirby BLAST, but I've learned a lot about comic-writing today and I'll try to put your words to good use.

Arigato, and sayonara.

don't attack the little brown Kirby!

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