#260 - XBOXone haz no gamez


May 21st, 2013, 2:07 pm

Gotta find out if my soaps are showing on the Xbox.

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Wow... just wow Microsoft.

You sure showed us. *Claps*
G.B.A, May 21st, 2013, 2:07 pm Reply

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Sigh. Damnit, Microsoft.

And then everything changed when the Social Networking nation attacked.

i liked the Xbox one! i feel it could be worth a try! :D but also i am looking forward to Playstation 4! wonder what console will win this generation?...Ps4 Xbox One...or the Wii U...

Woah, some friends and I actually talked about this very subject!

Something I noted (And my views may be a little biased, seeing as I am a Nintendo Fanboy) is that with the WiiU actually introduced a lot of new things (HD, more powerful, etc.) whereas these other new systems just seem to be a grab at people's money and don't actually add anything that its predecessor couldn't.

@Porky:well from what i saw...each machine has its advantages...either more games...more features...more things or changes...like for example the snap thing from the Xbox one that is new since there was no way the Xbox 360 could let you see two things at once...and interact with both...and the playstation 4 it now records your gameplay and you can share it...seems interesting...since i had moments where i wish i had a camera or something since they were incredible...the wii U certainly has its improvements over the wii so it comes down to what we want and what they offer...like always! :D (hope they game prices lower...they are kinda hard where i live!)

@G.B.A: is that guy that rants out of everything? as i said every gaming console has its defects and pros...i liked the Xbox One he dint well its his choice mine is to see which has the lowest price and best games that way i can play more for less! :D

by the way he is wrong about the Pre-owned games the fee is for installing it in another Xbox One HDD...XD not for playing with your friends! :D


I'm sorry but are you really this naive? Or some kind of optimistic troll of sorts?

The MAJOR CONs of this 'amazing' console:

1. Xbox One May Have Mandatory Game Installs, this means if owners want to use the disc with a second account they'll be asked to pay a fee and install the game from the disc, suggesting that once games are installed you won't need to insert the disc to play.

2. Xbox One will NOT Function Without Kinect Attached.

3. Xbox One Not Backwards Compatible, and don't you dare tell me this isn't a huge problem.

4. There was very little focus or lack of focus on what the new console will do for GAMES! Just stuff, pointless stuff for entertainment, music, sports etc. Because when I think about GAMING consoles I think of latest TV drama.

5. KINECT 2.0! Motion control is no longer hip and exciting as it was before.

6. Most of the so called 'Exclusives' will most likely be available on the PS4, Wii U and PC.

7. Additional fees required for USED games. This is almost as bad as Online Passes. ONLY WORSE!

And lastly...

8. Xbox One Does Require Internet Connection, Expect You Can't Play Offline Forever.

And if you still think this nothing and the console will be a big blockbuster hit, then you're nothing more than a mindless sheep.

Hell ever since it was announced, Sony's stock rose 9 percent after Xbox One reveal; same goes for Nintendo as well.


@G.B.A:you still not get my point even with this so called Fails if the console has good game catalog and i like it as what is it an entretainment center even if the skies itself tell me not to get it i would each has their tastes not because of some bad stuff i would close the door of a part of the gaming life i never said XBOX would win or that it´s as you called a big blockbuster hit i said that its better to see what suits each person because i do like to see the T.v. or hear music while playing since i find it relaxing and why would i want backwards compatibility? i experienced problems when the xbox 360 had it with the first Xbox since it required a Hdd and a ton of requirements that i could not fulfill since everything in México is higher price! so it is not a problem for me at least!


Whatever you say Private Funnyman.

@G.B.A:atleast you think i am funny! XD but its true everything in México is such high priced...a $15.00 dollar game in México cost $184.84 MXN....that is more than what most of the mexicans gain in a day of labor to eat and pay the bills! so any console that is cheaper wins in México and any that has the most features gains more market is simple as that each has their flaws like when the Ps2 came out...it was a real waste of money! i had to pay a lot so it was changed 4 times! and it was expensive each time! :C

NOTICE = Due to a nervous breakdown I have been moved to my Sister's house In Oklahoma Cushing and I have limited internet access (by Puble Library)

I am looking heavily for a job for the entire month, if I'm successful I might not be back for quite a long time if I'm not able to afford a new computer.

But I fail to find a job I shall return in a month and things should go back to normal.

I'm just letting you guys know that I'm not dead.

(If I'm not back in a year I'm dead)

for once

because we can all die twice


@Smiffy SMF <3

Stop trying to be hip dawg. You're already dead.

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