#405 - I like Broccoli


August 3rd, 2016, 7:19 am

Really I do.

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Based on a bizarre conversation with collaboration/melodypika/identity crisis yesterday.

I'm a great host.
G.B.A, August 3rd, 2016, 7:19 am Reply

Advertisement, July 16th, 2018, 1:33 pm Reply

If he doesnt want it...

Can i have the broccoli ?


Hate to break a coffee table on ya head but...

That's a gurl.

@G.B.A:...consider that done,i deserve the splinters for misgendering!!!
Sorry milady!

Don't forgot the Broccoli protein shake for a drink.

After a long hard day of saving princesses,collecting seven magical jewels and saving a subterranean kingdom of monsters from a god of hyperdeath its nice to come home to a good meal...

Unless youre at G.B.A's house in which case you get broccoli.


No broccoli for you.

well at least i still have you my wonderful chilli dog...
[Suddenly a blue blur streaks by and the chilli dog vanishes!]
Okay clearly today is not my day.


Fast food, am I right?


@G.B.A: wait! I have the perfect plan! [As an act of revenge i replace all the broccoli with cauliflower that i painted green]

@Marcus The Hedgehog: you know what? Ive been leaving comments for G.B.A all day,its only fair that i the Sansational Sabrina leave you some too!
And to bring back to what you said: if youre gonna have broccoli for dinner and a broccoli protein shake then ya gotta have some broccoli pie with whipped broccoli cream on top! ;D

@ All The Authors Of Holy Crap Please forgive me for the near endless messages ive sent,i just really like the comic and you dudes (and dudettes). Shoot when one of you responds to a thing i write on here its like "HOLY CRAP IM SOME RANDOM PERSON AND THEY RESPONDED!"
So to wrap up,sorry about the Massive Mountain Of Messages...
(To other readers of Holy Crap: if im making you stop readin the comic or makin ya not want to comment then please forgive me but stay on this series! Its the bomb-diggity best!)

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